Things every wedding mc should already know Funny Wedding Speech

Things every wedding mc should already know Funny Wedding Speech

The Master of Ceremonies (MC or emcee) is the host of your wedding and should make sure everyone is having a good time. A good wedding MC is more than someone who is good at public speaking or can tell a few jokes. They should make sure everything runs smoothly and introduce each person who is speaking, as well as important events. We asked all these things

. Be organized
Have everything written down in advance and know exactly what you’re going to say. Make sure you have the correct names and information and a detailed timeline. The MC says opening remarks (not a long speech) and introduces all of the key players of the wedding. “A good wedding MC is organized, responsible and can take instructions well,” says Tony Nguyen. “It’s about the bride and groom and not about the MC’s fifteen minutes of fame.”

. Know what’s going on (and make sure everyone else knows too)
One of the essential roles of the wedding MC is to work with the vendors so everyone knows what’s going on. “It’s very important to know the flow of the evening and make sure everyone is ready for his or her cues,” he says. “The MC is there to lead the audience and have them know what’s happening next.” They should make sure everything is running on time and that the DJ, photographer and vendors are cued to capture key moments.

. Do your homework
Coombs suggests watching major award shows, like the Grammys, or looking to talk show hosts for ideas. “These people know what they’re doing. You can see everything is short, scripted and to the point,” he says. The most important thing is to be prepared. Meet with the bride and groom beforehand to discuss details and what kind of role they see the MC playing. “There will still be some surprises on the day, but there should be a program or itinerary in place to make sure everything runs smoothly,” he says.

. Add some emotion and special touches
Interview each speaker beforehand. Ask them how they know the couple or for a special memory you can tell before you introduce them. “The wedding is about emotion and these special moments and this makes it so much more fun,” says Tony Nguyen. “It’s a celebration of two people coming together, so you should put emotion into introducing key people.” For example, the MC could ask the bride to write a special message or memory about her parents for the MC to read before they are introduced.

. Be careful with humour
To tell jokes or not to tell jokes? That is the question. Huong lightly when it comes to humour. Make sure jokes are in good taste and do not offend anyone—especially the bride! “Someone with a great personality or a natural storyteller can make a great wedding MC, but nine times out of 10 jokes will bomb,” says Tony Nguyen. The goal is to make everyone feel at ease and relaxed without stealing the spotlight.

Helpful Tips For a First Time Wedding MC

Being asked to MC a wedding can be a scary experience. It is the dreaded public speaking role [insert dramatic music here]. Not only do you have to speak in front of all the wedding guests, but most people are unsure of exactly what the role involves. Unless you have a wedding planner on the day to give you cues, it is hard to know when to step up to the mic and what to say when you get there. Here is a list of helpful tips:

First and foremost, the role of an MC is to “run” the wedding reception. You are the first person guests hear from and you will be providing them with information on the evening as well as introducing the speeches.

It is important to understand that you are NOT the entertainment for the evening. If you can tell a funny joke or quick one liners, that’s great. Otherwise, you don’t need to worry about telling a story each time you are at the mic. There is nothing wrong with simply saying, “I would now like to introduce the Tung  of Mai.”

During the cocktail reception, familiarize yourself with the main players. Find out who the photographer/videographer and DJ/band are and where they are sitting. You will want to give them a heads up before going to the mic to introduce anyone or anything. It might also be helpful to meet the floor manager for the night. They will be dealing with the kitchen and the timing of the meals. This is helpful to know when you are trying to start a speech. You don’t want to introduce the Father of the Bride right when the kitchen is starting to serve the main course. It can be noisy and distracting for people trying to listen to the speech.


Once all guests are asked to take their seats for dinner, get the wedding party to line up in the order you will be introducing them. Double check that you are pronouncing names correctly.

The longest you will speak is at the very beginning. The role starts with welcoming guests, explaining any rules (no clinking glasses, bar is open, etc.) and then introducing the wedding party and the bride and groom. This first introduction to the evening is a great opportunity to explain how you know the couple. Just remember that the bride and groom usually are not in the room at this point so wait to say anything meaningful until after you introduce them and they are in the room.

Before you introduce anyone for a speech take a look around the room to make sure the important guests are there (parents and wedding party). You don’t want the bride and groom to speak and find out later that the groom’s mother was in the ladies room. Check that the speaker is ready and that the bride and groom are ready. Let the photographer, DJ and floor manager know you are about to introduce someone and then go for it.

Most importantly, try to sit down with the couple a week or two before the wedding to go over an itinerary. This should include the information for your introduction (what rules you need to let people know about, the names and order of the wedding party, etc.), the time for each course and when/who will be speaking. Also, the bride and groom will be able to tell you when you’ll need to introduce the cake cutting, first dance and any parent dances. This will help you organize your thoughts and you will be able to plan out what you need to say.

Above all else, try to stay relaxed. Think of yourself as a traffic cop for the evening: you’re there to direct the evening and help things run smoothly. You shouldn’t feel the need to be the star of the show — that is the bride’s role!

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